SIZZLER - SPF 30 Sunscreen Spraymist FLIGHT + 5 TearTops

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You like our spf30 Cannister,                                         so you'll love the new 'Flight-Flask'!                                    *Double the fill of the Can and almost 1/2 the price! 


SIZZLER - Spf 30 Sunscreen for Skin & Scalp + 5 TearTops (for active families On The Go!)

                                     *HUGE Family Saving*  

*Order/Offer is for 1 of the Flight Flask's only + 5 TearTops    

* Non-slip / Non greasy

* Simple, Invisible pump action spray mist: dries on immediate contact

* TEAR-TOPS: New, pocket-sized, use-anywhere single use sachets

* All parts fully recyclable

* Perfect UV protector, to apply direct to scalp without affecting hair.

* Packed in a sleek, aircraft cabin-luggage-friendly Platinum Atomiser

* ECO FOOTPRINT PLEDGE: We are committed to ZERO packaging, so you wont find any additional-glitzy packaging, other than the recyclable (tamper-proof) Postal bag!

TRANSPARENT Pump/Cap so you can see where you are spraying 

PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING if you wish to have a free 'gift pillow-pack' enclosed

                   *PLEASE ADHERE TO Sun Bathing safety precautions at all times*        





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