Solarsport was founded to recognize & attend upon the needs within the global population for a huge thought-change in respect of the conventional or established concepts of sun protection.

Whilst most sun-care users recognize the often annual’ need for sun cream, this is often missed as a daily essential.

We strive to constantly innovate, making Solarsport the number 1 preferred choice for the family, daily sun protection purchase.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Our endeavors will result in fastidious, innovative, intelligent, ecological and principled development of ethical products that satisfy a relevant need for all our Users within the world marketplace.



We intend to manage our company’s growth and wellbeing by empowering our staff to create an honest, confident, resourceful and respectful bond with our customers. Thereby fostering a culture in which employees can go above and beyond the expected or average level of service to create a direct, emotional as well as commercial, impact upon the receiver.

Really useful Innovation is a tool driven by passion.

We will, at all times remain passionate!



Our traditional values of honesty and integrity, guides and establishes our code of ethics and will identify our company, its brand and its citizens as responsible commercial traders.

We believe these old time values will distinguish us from others in the marketplace. We will continually strive to always uphold our ethics, dealing with small customers & large, alike.

Avoiding conflict is a way of life for Solarsport, there is no issue or problem that cannot be surmounted in a cordial, respectful & pleasant manner.

The ultimate aim is to establish the Solarsport company as a good, global eco-citizen.

Making our way in the world should not be at the detriment of following generations


Let's keep making it better!