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We never set out to create an international sun-care company.

But, in 2000, Cancer struck our family and this was our committed response to help fight this awful, devastating disease.

Gathering academics, industry chemists & solar experts, we developed our original sunscreen concept-idea into what has become a vibrant athletic brand.

Over the past 2 decades due to our passion and dedication in raising awareness in others, we have been moderately successful, but our fight has been a personal one, which we hope you will never have have to face.

TEAR-TOP TUBES: Our new twist on the old 'sachet' means you can keep one - in your pocket - in the car - in your sports bag, just for the time when you need some UV cover up & protection

Apply your Solarsport safe in the knowledge it has been lovingly created by our Family...for your family!heart-fingers.jpg 


So. now for the techy stuff.....

Solarsport spf sun protection products lead the way in active, sports and family UV sun protection as more and more families are realising the benefits of sun protection and spf sunscreens whilst on the go.                                         Solarsport was predominantly viewed as a high-energy Sport or Travel sunscreen, but now, everyday users are finding that the benefits of daily application, and our KIDSAFE kids sunscreen in particular, outperform many of the older, over-hyped, 'messy-hand' brands.                                                                                                

Yes, perhaps some still choose cheap or economy sun creams, others more exotic sun lotions, but overall (thankfully), more people are applying sun protection and more people are choosing Solarsport, it's so simple to use our Invisible, Pocket Size UVA & UVB sunscreens as they're pump-action spraymist atomisers (not Aerosols) so can be used anywhere and anytime.                                                                                      

  1. Our design research message was unanimous: 
  3. SUNSCREEN doesnt always relate to wearing a Swimsuit! 
  4. We want a User Friendly Sunscreen, one that can protect Scalp & Hair Partings when just relaxing or playing outdoors!                                                                                                 

Solarsport was developed in 2000 to provide a conscious alternative to conventional messy & sticky sun protection products. It had to appeal to families & youngsters (youths in particular) and had to offer substantial Suncare benefits that weren't currently available.

The very best suncare ingredients were sourced together with the very best suncare technicians and the creative task begun to provide the world with its User Friendly Sun protection.

This revolution in suncare had to meet rigorous worldwide accreditation and demands, yet still appeal to its core target market. At the risk of being seen as 'Too New' or a 'Fashion Essential', Solarsport was designed and developed to very high, exacting standards.

  solarsport-its-not-big-but-it-is-clever.jpg simply-spray-play-.jpg  mini-back-of-head-spraying.jpg  solarsport-new-10ml-tear-top-tube.jpg

                                           How to apply; simply SPRAY & PLAY!

Apart from the high level of performance at its heart, in it's unique design brief it had to:

*Be a clean, invisible spraymist (contact drying upon application)

*NOT be an Aerosol

*Have a non-greasy, non-slippy feel - with substantial sun protection

*Be able to spraymist onto Hair or bare scalp, without making hair greasy

*Contain no cheaper 'bulking' agents (moisturisers etc)

*Have a modern, clean, styling

*Be pocket, or purse-sized and appeal to ALL ages and almost ALL skin types.

*Be Affordable! Everybody on the planet should be able to afford their Solarsport. Premium or Elite suncare should not just be for the financially well-off!

*Allow for being used at a minutes notice, under any conditions, anywhere

*Above all, develop an understanding with its user of the benefits of Sun Protection, rather than the scare-mongering of SunBurn!

Almost 2 decades later, Solarsport is recognised as a real, viable, alternative to conventional sun creams and to validate this, we are now stocked in most reputable High Street retailer's and nationwide chemist stores.

A further stamp of approval is the worldwide use of Solarsport by major sports stars, celebrity athletes, National teams and World renowned Associations. 

Solarsport endeavours to do its bit and our worldwide charitable support is enviable, as is the broadcasting of our original mantra: that its more important to consider the benefits of Sun protection rather than scare people off with over-hyped talk of skin cancers and melanomas.

Using the right sun protection, at the right time, the ever-rising, confirmed cases of Melanoma (especially in young people) can be greatly reduced as a consequence.

With all our original design criteria being met, Solarsport is constantly innovating to adapt and grow our product range to suit the demands of our customerbase.

The sole reason Solarsport exists is to provide an alternative choice.

Our users make that choice, daily.

Creating the ideal product for all persons allow's us to hope that you also make that daily choice, and choose Solarsport.

 Just Spray & Play!