The Solarsport Story

Two factors combined to lead to the creation of Solarsport sunscreen, the sunscreen that quickly became the trusted choice for athletes to compete in all weathers without distraction.

The first involved a devastating skin cancer diagnosis. In 2000, the wife of Solarsport's founder Terry Hateley-Lowe received the news that she had stage X skin cancer.

As she underwent treatment and recovery, Terry began to worry that their children, who took part in a lot of sport outdoors, would suffer a similar fate. Playing tennis and football in the sun resulted in them continually burning their foreheads and scalp where their hair was parted, as they complained that every sunscreen they used made their hair greasy.

So in order to protect his children, Terry decided to solve this issue himself.

His mission was to create a transparent sunscreen that looked like water, had no fragrance and could be sprayed as a dry mist onto the head to protect the scalp without making hair greasy.

After months of research into suncare and testing various formulas, he created a small batch of high-protection sunscreen that could be applied quickly and easily in a non-greasy, non-sticky formula. Crucially, it was also sweat-proof, so when users perspired it would not wash off or run into the eyes causing stinging, while also providing protection from UV radiation to exposed skin during intense sporting activity.

At the time, there was nothing like Solarsport on the market – a sunscreen designed specifically for athletes that could be applied quickly, dried instantly with a non-greasy, non-slip formula with no white cast that was also sweat-resistant and water-resistant.

By designing it to be used during his children's sporting endeavours, Terry created the ideal sunscreen for runners, cyclists, hikers, cricket players, golfers and footballers – all sports where potentially you can spend long hours in sunlight absorbing the sun's UV radiation.

Word of Solarsport's protective powers for athletes began to spread, and a number of big-name professional golfers and tennis players requested samples of Solarsport and, after experiencing its easy-to-apply protective qualities for themselves, instantly requested more.

From that point, a small formula that Terry had created simply to protect his family was in demand via word of mouth from people playing sport across the world, and Terry realised he had something special on his hands.

Solarsport sunscreen provides protection for those who demand it from a sunscreen while playing sport. Whether it's marathon runners sweating their way through 26.2 UV-soaked miles, cyclists on an all-day summer ride, tennis players serving in the mid-morning sun, track and field athletes striving for a new PB, football players training through summer, hikers trekking to a sun-drenched summit or climbers seeking non-greasy hands on the rockface, Solarsport delivers protection that helps elevate every athlete's performance.

Find your flow with Solarsport – the best sunscreen, whatever your sport.