5 reasons sunscreen is good for sport

If you take part in sport, whether it's running, cycling, tennis, golf, football, hiking or climbing, you know that finding your flow requires no distractions.

This is where Solarsport comes in. Here are 5 reasons why wearing Solarsport sunscreen while doing sport will elevate your performance while protecting your skin from harmful UV radiation, making Solarsport the best sunscreen for every sport and outdoor activity.

Solarsport aids recovery

Every athlete values recovery after a hard training session or a competition. You've analysed every aspect of your training, tracked and refined various data and metrics before putting your body through the wringer, so the least you can do is protect it while it performs at its best.

Apply Solarsport sunscreen at least 30 minutes before and regularly during activity and you will protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV and IRA radiation. This is important for many reasons, not least because any areas of burnt skin not only increase the risk of melanoma, but they also require energy from your body to recover, taking energy and resources away from your all-important muscle recovery.

Solarsport provides marginal gains

As cyclists in particular know, tiny modifications in a number of areas can make a huge difference to your performance. Drop a few grams by sourcing lighter bike components, wear a more aerodynamic helmet and maybe even shave your legs and you might find yourself shaving a few seconds off your competitors.

Now you can add using Solarsport sunscreen as a marginal gain. This is because if you burn or dehydrate your skin via the sun's UV rays, your white blood cells will be diverted to that area, meaning less are available where the body needs it most to boost performance.

Add this to the additional cost in protein, energy and other bodily resources required to repair skin damage and less muscle recovery, using Solarsport equals an easy marginal gain, meaning that PB is within reach.

It enhances your body's cooling mechanisms

Some athletes worry that sunscreen might hamper the body's ability to sweat by blocking pores. This is not the case: data from a 2017 research study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science showed that use of sunscreen doesn't affect thermoregulation. In fact, it may actually enhance overall body cooling by allowing the body to sweat normally without overheating.

Without applying Solarsport sunscreen, your skin can potentially heat up during exercise in the sun, and UV rays impede blood flow. By spraying on Solarsport sunscreen you reduce the amount of UV radiation absorbed by your skin, ensuring your microvascular blood flow is in prime condition for you to perform in equally prime condition.

Solarsport doesn't impede performance or vision

One thing that can disrupt sports performance is sweat from greasy sunscreen running into your eyes when you're pushing yourself hard.

The last thing you need when running, cycling, or playing sports like cricket, golf or football is your eyes stinging, forcing you to blink ferociously, distracting you during a crucial catch or while cycling at 60kmph down an Alpine pass.

Solarsport's dry mist formula is absorbed into your forehead and scalp instantly, and doesn't mix with sweat to run into your eyes or impede your vision so your focus is solely on finding your flow.

Your grip is not compromised

Grip is crucial in certain sports, and slippery hands from greasy sunscreens can reduce grip and potentially disrupt performance, whether it's slipping off a crucial hand hold while climbing or your tennis racquet handle slipping during match point.

Solarsport's non-slip, non-sticky formula means its mist spray formula dries on your skin instantly, leaving no sticky or slippery residue, so your skin is protected and your grip remains uncompromised throughout the toughest sporting endeavours.

The bottle's compact travel size also means you can carry it with you, whether it's stashed in your gym bag or in the back pocket of your cycling jersey, making re-application easy and quick wherever you are.